Finale LiveCap: Because have not saints lips, and holy palmers, too?

So, I had this crazy idea.  Instead of doing my regular recap, where I watch the show, then GO BACK and watch it again, I decided to watch it and recap it as I went along (thus producing a LiveCap).  This was crazy for this reason: I did not know how the finale was going to end. I don't know if ANYONE did.  I read every spoiler, made tons of guesses, and still...DID NOT KNOW.  The recap itself took about 3 hours, then I had an extended fic moment at the end, and now...well, here you are.

This is just the first piece of what I am sure will be a VOLUME of literature from me on this finale.  They've given us quite a lot for the summer.  So, without further ado...

(except to say, join bones_ga !)

1. Somewhere in America, a happy child is traumatized.

2. Seriously.


4. “It’s not the good kind of snow, honey.”

5. I nominate that kid’s mom for the Captain Obvious Award of the Episode, and we’re only 30 seconds in.

6. So, a dead body falls on some kid’s bed, and what the hell are you going to do with the bed after that? I’d burn the motherfucker.

7. (The kid is mostly impressed. Why are kids like that?)

8. B/B hit the scene. Booth finds a hockey puck while Brennan merely notes that the victim is male and around 40. Booth notices she hasn’t given him the same level of detail as usual, and says that Brennan is not doing her bone magic dooey like she normally does.

9. Brennan states that she is distracted: there’s some really old dead people in the middle of nowhere. Booth’s unimpressed by old dead shit – there’s a new dead person sitting right in front of him. Brennan says some science-y stuff that Booth interprets immediately, and just think you guys, of how far Booth has come.

10. The landlord lets B/B into the apartment. He’s a real gem – he’s most concerned that it not get out that our victim – Murphey is it? – died in the apartment. Brennan makes a joke: “A big hole in the floor probably makes it less desirable, too.”

11. The apartment itself is CRAZY packed with stuff, and Booth declares him a horder.

12. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that this episode is about the things you hold onto too long, the things you should hold on to, and the things you should let go.

13. Because you know how Show is.

14. Not nearly complex with the symbolism. But I appreciate Show for that.

15. The Team shows up. Hodgins and Booth end up upstairs, while Brennan and Cam, predictably, are with the dead stuff. Brennan “gets weepy” (as Cam would say) about the old dead people in wherever the fuck, and-

16. Look. I’m going to be resentful about Brennan’s interest in this thing. I am. Because I DON’T WANT HER GOING ANYWHERE UNLESS IT’S BOOTH’S PANTS.

17. I promise to be better.

18. (Not.)

19. Anyway, Brennan emphasizes that she’s a Forensic Anthropologist, because she’s still dealing with this Gravedigger thing, and then there’s Booth.

Of course, there’s Booth.

Before he came into her life, things weren’t like this. The dead bodies were emotionless – they were there for factual purposes only. There were not feelings attached, no family members to face, no murderers to catch, no higher stakes to worry about.

But then, there was Booth. And he made her feel, more than anything, he makes her feel, for the victims, for their families, even for the murderers. He makes her learn more than facts and statistics; he makes her learn what it’s like to care.

She thought she’d unlearned that after her parents. After Russ.

But what Booth knows, what she doesn’t, is that she? Can’t unlearn anything, and there’s nothing she can’t learn.

So, of course, there’s Booth.

And the way he’s made her feel.

And it scares her more than anything.

20. Booth pops his head down through the hole – he and Hodgins have found something (in addition to 36 waffle irons and no syrup; I’m with Hodgins on this). That something? Well, it’s blood. Duh. The shiny purple/blue light says so.

21. (Unless its tadpoles. But that’s a different case.)

22. So, we’re at the theme, and I have to tell you: THIS IS FUCKING HARD. I’m looking at the clock – the episode is almost 20 minutes in, and here I am, way behind all of you, and I don’t know if I’m going to last.


24. Maybe I should spike my drink?

25. I predict that this will happen.

26. But not yet.

27. Like all the stuff, it will happen…eventually.

28. At the Jeff, Daisy is (as usually) disturbingly perky about dead things. I bet she freaked out her parents all the time.

29. She also helpfully informs us that she has excellent control of her gag reflex. Dear Writers, I know you were being dirty with this. I…ugh. I’ve been friends with very terrible boys for too long, and really? REALLY.

30. Brennan looks over the bones, and says some boney stuff, when Daisy interrupts to say SHE’S BEEN ACCEPTED TO GO TO THAT PLACE WITH THE OLD DEAD STUFF!


32. HELLO?

33. Cam, experiencing the same feeling as I am, tells Daisy she’d like to hear again in her lifetime. Brennan just looks…maybe jealous? She congratulates Daisy, and, oh hell yes, she is MASSIVELY jealous. From her perspective, Daisy is going to do some really high level stuff, while she, who is way more qualified and gifted, isn’t.

34. I get it. Okay? I get why she wants to go. Brennan’s insanely competitive. I understand that trait more than any other. It’s the hardest one in the world to push down, because sometimes, it feels like the most important thing in the world to just WIN. And this ties in a lot to insecurity issues, i.e., winning is proof of self-worth, a quantifiable way to say that you are better than someone else, which, to an empiricist, is the only way that matters…so, yeah. I get it.


36. God, it’s killing me, not knowing what’s going to happen.

37. Cam tries to get Brennan’s attention, but Brennan’s having all those thoughts I just talked about in #34.

38. On the street, Sweets and Booth (oh, Sweets. I do not see this ending well for you) talk about the victim. Sweets informs Booth that he’s a very mild horder – he clings.

39. Well, that’s not exactly not true. And I think Booth clings because there’s been so little in his life that he could depend on. When he finds something sturdy, something solid, something true – he grabs hold for dear life. It’s the opposite reaction that Brennan has, but it’s in reaction to the same stimuli, and I know I’ve said that before, but it bears repeating.

40. In the distance, Booth sees a full bird colonel in the US Rangers who is eyeing him. According to some very quick wiki action, a full bird colonel is, like, a full colonel? And then there are lieutenant colonels, which are less? I can’t be sure because, holy shit, there is hail hitting my windows.

41. The weather says it’s just a bad storm. All I know is that the cable better not cut out, or I will be violent.

42. Booth walks up to the guy, who addresses him a “Master Sergeant.” As we know, Booth would mostly like to forget about all those people he shot, and he flashes his badge. Birdy, which is what I’m calling the colonel, gives Booth the full court press – your country needs you, we need you to train our boys, etc. Booth tells Birdy to take a hike, but you know Booth; he’s going to feel the guilt. Like all good Catholic boys, he feels the guilt. Booth dismisses Sweets, and leaves.

43. At Murphey’s apartment, Sweets is, as Hodgins says, “Squited up.”

44. That?


46. I can’t wait to see the icons that come from that.

47. “Squint Up!” Barney Stinson-style.

48. Anyway…but not anyway. Damn, JFD, I’m getting you a sandwich, because your waist is TINY.

49. Sweets sees a snake, and he’s NOT cool with it. Hodgins is, of course, unaffected. Sweets find a sword, and, having talked with Daisy about the case, thinks it’s a possible murder weapon.

50. Is it sad that I thought that was cute? It’s a little sad. But I was thinking about them talking about the case, and how adorably excited they probably were. God.

51. There are, like, a billion blades in the house, while from the window, Hodgins sees Angela’s father!

52. By the time Sweets gets to the window, Billy Gibbons has vanished. Hodgins is all, “I know you don’t believe me,” and Sweets is all, “Are you kidding? That guy’s got more mojo than Voldemort.”

53. Or something.

54. In the interview room, Booth talks to the landlord, who, I am almost certain, dyes his hair that color, because I don’t think God or evolution made it that way. He also seems not very happy about the snakes.

55. We all know where this is going: Booth’s interviewing the guy because he’s currently the best (and only) viable suspect. Let’s see what his very convenient explanation for not being the murderer is (because he’s got one – we’re only a little bit into the episode).

56. Ah. He had an eviction pending. He’s also kind of not…nice? I don’t know, or care, because Brennan’s sees Booth talking to Birdy, who gives Booth a letter.

57. Brennan comes in, and Booth is clearly bumfuzzled. She cuts to the chase: Who was that soldier? Then, this happens:

Booth: He was an old Army buddy.
Brennan: You didn’t look like buddies.
Booth: What, all of the sudden, you can tell stuff like that?
Brennan: Well, you’ve taught me to be more observant of human interaction. I can also tell that you’re reluctant to be honest about your real relationship with him.

58. Booth sits back in the chair, and he knows he’s caught, and she knows she’s caught him, and damn if it doesn’t make him love her more, so he hands her the letter.

59. It’s from the Secretary of Defense. He would be a Sergeant Major, which is an upgrade. Brennan notes that he was obviously very good a being a soldier. Booth tells her they want him back because of his work as an FBI Agent and a sniper. Brennan gets the gist – Booth is uniquely qualified to train others on how to track and do other cool stuff, too. Booth doesn’t want to do it. Clearly. Brennan brings up that he could save lives, and Booth…look, Booth doesn’t want to do this, but you know he’s feeling the obligation. An obligation which he doesn’t really have, but it’s Booth, so…yeah. He’s that guy.

60. (Brennan, he’s that guy. Please. Stop him from going. Because he’s that guy.)

61. Booth brings up Parker, and his job in DC, and I don’t think he should go. Not just because of that stuff, and the Brennan stuff, but because he doesn’t owe shit to shit, and the Army stuff makes him feel like shit, and he SHOULDN’T.

62. Booth insists, I’m not going, and you’re not going to the Macapuku Islands (or however it’s spelled – but he says it right) – we have our jobs here, right? And you can just see him holding on, so damned tight. He smiles through it, but God, it just…it’s a little bit heartcrushing.

63. At the Jeff, Daisy comes down some amazing fucking wooden staircase that…where the hell did that come from? Anyway, she’s found a problem with Brennan’s preliminary report.

64. Oh.

65. This will end well.

66. Christ.

67. Daisy tries to be as gentle as possible, and I give her credit – but again, BRENNAN IS NOT HAPPY.

68. Brennan sees the mistake immediately – the bones had started to heal, so that means the wounds were inflicted BEFORE the victim died. Brennan feels the bones – they are lighter, it seems, than normal ones – and she wants Daisy to do some tests. Daisy gets gushy, “I wish you were coming to the sleepover Islands, too!”

69. Man, Brennan’s really torn up about this.

70. Me, too, Brennan. Me, too.

71. In Angela’s office-


73. We hadn’t seen Angela yet. It’s polite to say hello.

74. Angela breaks it down as quickly as possible, as is her way: “So, he was curating garbage.” And Brennan returns, “The term garbage is relative.” I don’t know why, but I love that exchange. Like it’s explanatory of their relationship somehow, they way they can understand this thing together.

75. Brennan goes on, and then ends with this, “Maybe we all overvalue things that are essentially worthless.”

76. Before I restart from the pause, is she talking about the dig, or about Booth? I hope it’s the dig, and that’s why she’s been holding out, because she realizes it’s not that important. Angela, of course, catches the scent.

77. Brennan asks, what’s different from what I do here (as compared to curating garbage)? Angela asks about the dig, and Brennan says, the murders will never stop, but I’d be able to do something of real, finite value (she used a different word that I did. I said “quantifiable.” But it’s the same thing.). Angela isn’t buying it. Thank God.

78. Brennan finally, FINALLY, lets go a little, and admits to Angela: this is all about Booth. It’s worrying about him, her relationship with him, what all of it means. She tells Angela that Booth’s been offered the chance to leave, too, and that she thinks he’ll take it, and Angela…God bless her. Angela, she doesn’t act like Brennan’s made some great emotional breakthrough, or any of that, like most people would do. She just listens.

79. I’m going to say this: the fact that Brennan wants some objectivity on her relationship with Booth? To me, that’s proof that she really is considering what a change in that relationship would mean, and whether or not she really wants to take the leap. That’s what that means to me. And the fact that she’s considering it? Really is quite amazing. This is good. This is progress. This is going to mean something, I feel it.

80. Brennan flips her emotional switch to OFF (and look, I understand that; sometimes, you have to push the emotional stuff away to do a job, but you shouldn’t do it on a permanent basis) to talk more about the case.

81. Angela, of course, does not have this power. And you can see it on her face.

82. In the car-


84. In the car, Booth and Parker – it’s adorable Parker! – talk about Parker's baseball game. Parker asks Booth if he’s going back to be a soldier. Apparently, Rebecca let it slip around Parker that the Army called their house – what the fuck, Rebecca? – and Parker’s curious.

85. Parker, in a show of Boothiness BEYOND HIS AGE says that if Daddy!Booth is staying, it’s his fault people will die.

86. Seriously.

87. Oh. My. God. Parker. You are…I can’t even deal with it.

88. Booth freaks, while Parker is so selfless that it is completely unreal. I cannot recap this. CAN. NOT. Booth changes the subject to sugar, so Parker and his adoracurls (patent-pending) are distracted – for now.

89. I’m frowning from it. Aww.

90. And it’s getting even worse.

91. Because Daisy is telling Sweets that she’s going on the dig, and now, we have to see his face about it..oh, GOD.

92. Sweets brings up the wedding, but Daisy tells him, like my mentor, Dr. Temperance Brennan, my career means everything to me-


94. SHE IS!


96. Because Daisy just said that. Because Daisy said it, but that’s not who Temperance Brennan is anymore, is it? OH FUCK. I’ve got a feeling. A good feeling.

97. Anyway.

98. Sweets.

99. Yes.

100. Is so sad. “Your career means everything?” Daisy says how this is hard for him, he’s not Mr. Adventure, and she has to go for a year. He can follow if he wants. He was a swimmer in college (really?), and she suggests that he try out the pearl diving trade?

101. OH, JFD, your face on that suggestion is AMAZING.

102. What the fuck is this episode? I mean, really. I cannot even fathom that this shit is going down the way it’s going down. I am mindblown. I think in a good way?

103. At the crime scene/the set of Sandford and Son, Hodgins finds something, and calls Booth. There are some accounting records, but Booth isn’t really listening – he’s looking at pictures of he and Teddy…UGH. EPISODE. Why are you being like this? So…hard to deal with?!

104. Hodgins realizes Booth’s hung up. He turns around. And very manfully, he yelps.


106. It’s Billy! Hodgins is visibly disconcerted, and Billy knows it, and Hodgins knows it, but Billy is asking for a favor…oh man. Thank you, Show. Because you were killing me with the sadness.

107. In the interview room, Booth has a lady in a GREAT jacket, and he’s showing her the records that they found. She explains that this is where it started with his hording – he’d take the stuff home from the office, like it was gold.

108. I also have to note: I love Booth’s tie/suit combo, here. It’s outstanding.

109. Anyway, Booth infers that maybe the great jacket lady is a suspect. She goes on about Murphey, how he got totally out of hand, and that’s why he lost his job. But a month about, he told her that someone offered him $50K for something AND WHY THE HELL DID YOUNOT LEAD WITH THIS, JACKET LADY? Booth must feel that way, sometimes.

110. At the Jeff, I love Cam’s shoes.

111. Anyway, they talk about the histological study, and they find that they guy was attacked, then starved to death, dying under a collapse of his items.

112. That fucking sucks.

113. Daisy, speaking in a register only dogs can hear, bursts in and squeaks that Brennan has been asked to head up the Island project.

114. Brennan still looks not happy. I don’t know what to do with this.

115. Booth, Hodgins ,and Sweets talk about the victim – that maybe he overvalued his stuff, and-

116. Is this episode about the things you overvalue, too? Yes. That’s exactly what it is. The things you overvalue, the things that you should keep, the things you should let fade away. Brennan should not overvalue her career; Booth should not overvalue the call of duty. They should both bloody well value each other for hours in the bed. Yes? I think that’s what we’re getting at.

117. Also, Hodgins both compliments and mocks Sweets. It’s a nice trick.

118. I should additionally say, it’s been an hour and 34 minutes since I started recapping, and I find that I’m REALLY enjoying it. The episode is lasting longer. And I need it to last as long as it can, because we’re entering that H-word again (That Which Shall Not Be Named).

119. Booth discovers that the door has been splintered, maybe the guy was robbed. Sweets brings up Daisy, and Booth said, “Sweets, no offense, but you might be better off without her.” Sweets, evidencing some big fucking balls, says, “Dr. Brennan’s been asked to head up the expedition. Would you be better off without her?”

120. I pause, and honor Sweets, because FUCK YEAH MOTHERFUCKER.

121. Booth plays dumb, and says Brennan won’t go…but oh yeah, the wheels are turning.

122. Hodgins pipes in – if it’s any consolation (and I have a thing about that – whenever someone starts with that, or they say, “If it makes you feel better,” and then they tell you something shitty about their life…that just means they want to vent. I know I’ve been guilty of this sin, too, but that’s what it is. Because telling me something shitty about your life does not make me feel better about my shitty life). Anyway, Billy wants Hodgins to steal a car back. Because. You know. Hodgins is so equipped for it.

123. Booth rolls out; he’s had just enough bro time to want to cheerfully shoot himself in the face.

124. Sweets, wanting to prove that he is, in fact, Mr. Adventure, volunteers to be Hodgins’s sidekick, and oh, this will be a good freaking time.

125. At the Jeff, Brennan shows Daisy a fancy machine, which they both agree should be used in the Islands. Daisy takes this as news that Brennan’s coming! Brennan back tracks – she’s got to talk to Booth first. Because he’s her…partner. Right. Anyway, Daisy says that Booth will almost certainly go to the Army – Lancelot says he’s a true warrior, blahblahblah, and she goes on about their holding each other back, and Daisy and Sweets, why are you saying things to B/B to break them up?! SHUT UP, BABYDOLLS.

126. Holding back?

127. And this is what Brennan fears.

That she’s not enough, that he’s not enough, that together, they are not enough. That together, they are somehow less, less than the sum of the parts of the whole. That she is no longer brilliant, and he is no longer brave, and they are not the people they once were, they are not the things they used to be.

But what she knows, deep down, is that he is not holding her back. He is holding her still. She used to movemovemove, constantly, quickly, precisely, but he has taught her, sometimes? You hold still. And you watch, and you see, and most of all, you feel, and GOD, she feels, and there’s that burden and there are those wings, and she is flying against her will, and she’s terrified she will crash.

But if she crashed.

At least she’d hold still.

128. Daisy regrets her comments immediately. Daisy? On behalf of…everyone, really? SHUT THE FUCK UP.

129. Brennan is REALLY thinking about this thing with Booth. I mean REALLY. It’s exciting!

130. Angela uses some amazing (patent-pending, no, really this time) thingy to do some stuff, and voila, MAGIC.

131. Maybe Angela is the Luna Lovegood of this story? And Brennan is Hermione? I don’t know. I think I’m going a little nutty; this is just a little too heavy on the Harry Potter, I know.

132. On video conference, Hodgins almost licks the screen because Angela’s done some dork!magic, and he’s hot for it (I’m so turned on by her brain; I’d like to see her brain totally naked – might be the best line in Bones history).

133. I think I laughed so hard that I cried.

134. Please, let that be the only reason I cry tonight.

135. Sweets tries to be disgusted…but he can’t. It’s all too funny.

136. Cam, to her credit, does not puke on her (amazing) shoes.

137. Angela’s program does some awesome analysis, and figures out that someone, other than the victim, rearranged some stuff. Hodgins finds it, and we’ve got a clue.

138. OH.

139. MAN.

140. B/B, in the park.

141. Oh, this is going to be heartcrushing, isn’t it? It is. Oh. Must prepare self. Must.

142. Okay.

143. I’m ready.

144. I usually pause and recap for every little bit, but I had to watch that as a whole. Because.


146. Y’all, that’s some bullshit.

147. Total bullshit.

148. And the way I know it’s some bullshit?

149. There’s still a pretty good chunk of time left there. Pretty good chunk. And Booth says he’s leaving, and she says she’s leaving, but y’all?

150. That’s some bullshit.

151. I’m going to be right about this.

152. (Unless I’m not, and maybe mocking me will give you something to laugh at through the pain.)

153. But one thing they got right? Things have to change. And they will. For the better. By the end of this episode. I feel certain.


155. Y’all!

156. Might I introduce you to Caroline, who tells you your business like no other?


158. (love you in that purple, btw)

159. Booth gives her the file they’ve got – which is woefully incomplete. Caroline calls him out – of course she does – and Booth gives her the letter.

160. Caroline doesn’t tell him what to do, but you can tell – she’s got some thoughts. I wish she’d told him his business, but maybe it’s better to leave him thinking on it. Because I’ve never seen Caroline look dejected, and I’m telling you, it makes me feel sadness.

161. At the Jeff, Hodgins tells them about some evidence…and y’all, we’ve got a lot of stuff to wrap up at this point, don’t we? Booth and Brennan, Sweets and Daisy, and Hodgins is going to steal a car? Also, we have no idea who the murderer is. What the fuck?

162. Hodgins has found…and atomic gnome? It looks like the Traveling Gnome for Travelocity. The gnome is worth $50K. Booth is never going to accept this.

163. And Sweets shows up all in black, “ready to kick some ass,” and…what the FUCK IS THIS EPISODE?! I feel like I’m eating Every Flavored Beans (again, Harry Potter, I can’t explain it).

164. Hodgins and Sweets go to try to steal a car. No. Really. I’m not kidding. They are spotted immediately, of course.

165. Suspect: You mind turning him around?

Booth: Why? Because the gnome knows what you did, and you don’t like him staring at you with his soulful little eyes?

166. AND the greatest line is now topped by…this. When I read this line in the sides, I said, “If this line is ACTUALLY in the episode, then I don’t care how this ends, because HH and Co. have completed the greatest feat in history by getting this on air.” I have to stick by my word. Whatever happens from here on out…I’m good. Really. Amazing.

167. The suspect is a “well-known aficionado and purveyor of fiesta wear.” WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS EPISODE?!

168. I think, more than anything, THAT’S the theme.

169. There are fiesta message boards? “He didn’t even appreciate the gnome. He was insane.”

170. I cannot even deal with this.

171. The guy lawyers up. Thank God. Because he’s a little bit nutty.

172. B/B follow Caroline as she walks purposefully down the hall. I love Brennan’s skirt. Caroline is like, people, you’ve only halfway done this shit.

173. Because it’s true.

174. “The way you two are running from each other, you better be damn sure of these trips you’re taking.”

175. But they’re not.

She goes to pack her bag, and every day, she says she’ll do it tomorrow. She’s too tired, too busy, too something.

Too anything to realize – she’s not too thrilled about any of this.

And he hasn’t called the Army yet. He holds the letter, swears he’s telling Hacker tomorrow, makes plans to see his grandfather before he goes, but…it’s nothing. It’s all nothing. All he feels is nothing, empty, because this whole thing is empty, everything’s empty….

The one person each of them needs to feel full is the one who they can’t have.

But they can.

And Caroline knows it.

And Angela knows it.

And Cam, and Sweets, and Hodgins, and them, too.

But they are afraid. And people run, when they are afraid.

When sometimes, they should just hold still.

176. The worst bandits ever climb some shit, Hodgins tells Sweets to go after Daisy, Sweets asks lots of relevant questions, including what to do, and Hodgins tells him, “Survive and tell the story of my love.” And Sweets is still going with him. This is a TRAINWRECK, but I love it like candy.

177. Hodgins plummets to the ground. Sweets: What happened? Hodgins: Gravity. Hodgins is attacked by dogs, and Sweets makes some really terrible cat noises. I do not know how or why this is on television, or what hallucinagenic drugs they took in the writers' room, but I support it.

178. Hodgins gets into the place with the car…and there’s Billy. Of course. Hodgins says that Billy could have clearly done this himself, but Billy responds, “Family’s about doing things together.”

179. FUCKING AMAZING. I’m dying of laughter over here.

180. Billy gives Hodgins the keys, and the bikers show up. Billy helpfully suggests driving at them, which does work. The gate is still in the way, but Billy sees this as very little of a problem. The bikers…bike up, I guess? And our heroes escape.

181. At the Jeff, Cam discovers Brennan after she’s been there all night. She’s in the bone room, and not too long ago, Sweets proposed to Daisy there, and I said a bunch of stuff about honoring the bones, but right now, Brennan’s been communing with them.

182. I think that’s a way to honor them, too, by the way.

183. Cam’s got that FACE, and you know she’s about to say something. And I’m hoping that what I said a few episodes ago, in the post-ep open thread commentary, about Cam maybe being the one who can really explain this love thing to Brennan, as a scientist, as an empiricist…I’m HOPING she’s about to try. And talk about evolution, again, because Booth brought it up, and…okay, I’m going to watch the scene already.

184. Turns out one of the victim's fans did the damage? I’m sure I could find more meaning in that, but…nope. Can’t.

185. Brennan: I can provide you with a list of forensic anthropologists who can do this job.
Cam: No, Dr. Brennan, you can provide me with a list of forensic anthropologists.
Brennan: I don’t know what that means.
Cam: (says nothing, but makes a face that says, “Yeah, you do.” And I believe that Brennan really does.)

186. I’ve got to say, I love that moment. Think about how Cam and Brennan were at one another’s throats when Cam first showed up. Now, Cam looks like she might cry about Brennan’s leaving. It’s nice.


188. Hodgins?

189. Could it be Hodgins?

190. I’m holding out for Hodgins.

191. (he might be love’s bitch, but he’s not afraid to admit it)

192. At the victim’s apartment, Hodgins apologizes for leaving Sweets at the Biker Barn. Sweets was, apparently, rewarded handsomely for his bravery. Daisy’s still going, and it looks like Sweets is still staying. They find a shelf of books – Angela says these were the most cared for items.

The books are for travel, Lonely Planets and maps, and Hodgins runs a hand over them. Pictures bookmark one of them – Thailand – and the people in the pictures look happy, alive.

But they are not alive.

One of them is dead, and the other is a murderer.

And those pictures were just a bookmark, a stopping place, in both their lives.

193. Got a little maudlin there for a second. The imagery was something else.

194. In the interrogation room, Brennan’s the one talking to the murderer – the accountant from earlier. Her fingerprints were on the pictures, and she was in love with him. She said, if she could just get him out of that apartment, show him the sun, maybe they would work out. She pushed the fan at him, ran away…she didn’t know. She didn’t know.

195. Is that what this is about? Do B/B need to “get out of the apartment” and “see the sun”? And if they do that…shouldn’t they do it together?

196. Not know how this ends is KILLING ME.

197. On the other side of the glass, Caroline says they’re both (B/B) free to go. Sweets asks, don’t you think this success might change their minds? Caroline tells him to grow up, and I feel SO BAD for Sweets – Daisy, Booth, Brennan – his family is leaving. Poor kid.

198. Billy is giving Hodgins that badass car. He’s all about having him in the family. Angela brings up the Litany of Sadness and Lonely Planets, and Hodgins isn’t touching that shit. Instead, he tells her, we’re running off to Paris for a year, thus explaining why the fuck he’s been talking in French the whole episode.

199. God, are they really going to do a time jump? I mean, I don’t see Hodgela NOT going. I don’t know what’s happening, and again, the refrain:


201. Y’all, we’re at the airport.

202. Brennan has bags.

203. Daisy has a stupid fucking hat.

204. Sweets isn’t going to wait for Daisy, and he tells her not to wait for him. This is too much. But he's right. She's leaving for her job. He's not leaving because of his. They're not ready for this thing. The adult decision is to move on.

205. Cam: I’ve really enjoyed working for you, Dr. Brennan.
Brennan: In fact, Dr. Saroyan, I worked for you.
Cam: We both know better.



206. Hodgins made Brennan a chart of all poisionous reptiles and insects, and you can see, it’s his way of saying, I love you, you’re an amazing friend.


208. (I think that’s the new refrain)

209. AND THEN SHE SAYS: “Thank you, Dr. Hodgins. I love you, too.”

210. CHRIST.



213. MESS.

214. Oh my God.

215. She’s going to tell Booth.

216. She is.

217. She’s decided to tell him.

218. And then she’s going to go?

219. FUCK.

220. I don’t know.

221. But she’s going to tell him, I FEEL IT.

222. And that’s the way they are really going to kill us.

223. “Booth taught me that the proffering of overly solicitous advice was indicative of love.”

224. OH SHIT.

225. Angela: “I hope you find something that just changes the entire notion of what it means to be human.”

226. Isn’t that what she’s always been searching for? Isn’t that why she’s a forensic anthropologist?

227. Isn’t that what Booth has done?

228. I don’t think I want to see it. I’m at the end, and I don’t know, I…oh, this isn’t making any sense. People will read this, and be confused. I’m confused.

229. I want to say, before this goes down, how much I appreciate every single person who reads this drivel every week. My dream in life, since I was a child, since before I wanted to be a lawyer, was to be a writer. Just to write. To write, and have someone read it. Maybe I will publish a novel one day, or write for a magazine, or do something like that…but if that never happens? If the only readership I ever have are all of you, that’s outstanding. Because you are all smart, intelligent people, and I treasure your comments and thoughts, and you give me the greatest of copliments by seeming to treasure mine. I just want you to know that.

230. Okay.

231. I’m going to hit play, now.

232. I.

233. I’m going to need.

234. A minute.

235. I.

236. I’m getting that drink now. Yes. That happened. Eventually.

237. If I can move.

238. I will move.

239. If I can.

240. OH.

241. SHOW.

242. You-

243. Do you-

244. What?!

245. I.

246. Booth’s shoulders looked really wide in that uniform?

247. Why is that what I’m saying?

248. But they did.

249. They did look very, very wide.

250. And maybe that’s what this is about. Living wide.

251. And about Brennan’s taking a step back, and realizing, more than anything, she needs to take a step forward.

252. I’m watching it again. The last scene.

253. Heretofore know as: THE HEARTCRUSHER.

254. Brennan looks around for Booth, and he’s not there.

Except for the part where he is.

Except for the part where he always is.

She is paused, for one part of a second, just looking at him. This is Booth, but it’s not the one she sees all of the time. This is the Booth from Before, before they knew each other, before they worked together.

Before she loved him. And that’s what it is. She told Hodgins that she loved him, she knows how to love, and if she can say it to Hodgins, if she can feel love for him, then what she feels for Booth?

It’s something more than love. It’s so heavy that she can barely carry it.

And that’s why she’s gone back to Before as well. Before Booth. That’s what this trip is – it is her life before Booth, before it was complicated with emotion, and feeling, and of all things, love.

(Because love is complicated; that much she’s learned.)

The most visceral part of her wants to make love to him, when she sees him. He is better than attractive, more than handsome, his good looks enhanced by his uniform, but that’s not all of it – he’s Booth, and that’s something, it means something, something more than sex, something more than a physical interaction. For a full three seconds, she considers what it would be, to kiss him over and over and wake up next to him, and she knows she could, and that she wants to, and for those three seconds she forgets why she’s not….

She does not hear anyone else, does not see them. Just Booth.

He tells her, be careful. He doesn’t tell her not to go. Not with his mouth, not with his face, not with his eyes, that she wanted so desperately to look at her just a day ago on a park bench. He does not tell her not to go.

(She might stay, if he would.)

She tells him, “Don’t be you.”

He would tell her not to worry about that, if his mouth could form around the words.

Because he’s not him, not like this, not when they are not together. He believes in completeness, in soulmates, in the things that she doesn’t, and maybe that’s what it’s supposed to be. The person you should love is the one who can fill in your blank spots, like that two faces, and four arms, and four legs that Plato talked about.

People say, “Oh, that person, they’re my other half,” but they can’t understand it. Not like this.

Not like he does.

He takes a step into her, and for a second, he thinks about kissing her, and knows that she would let him, that she would kiss him back, but that’s not what this is. The last time he kissed her, it was a hello followed by a goodbye, and the next time he kisses her (he’s given up on that last one being The Last One; he knows now that would never work), he doesn’t want it to be hello, or goodbye. He wants it to be both, and everything in between, and eventually, and always was.

He wants it to be all the stuff.

So he takes her hand-

(Saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch/And palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss)

(And Booth is a little bit like a saint, he is, and Christopher hangs around his neck, something for travelers, and he will think later, I should send her one, and if he does, she will wear it every day.)

He takes her hand, and tells her, in one year, and she knows where.

This feels like a promise, a vow. That in one year, they will be ready.

(Because have not saints lips, and holy palmers, too?)

And if there was any doubt, what that was about, they turn, and they look, and they WANT. They. THEY WANT.

They want to run to one another, run away together, runrunrun, it’s what their best at.

And the one time running would help?

They hold still.

They hold so still.

(Like the center.)

255. You know what?

256. It’s not the way I wanted it to go.

257. It’s not. I screamed at the TV. I screamed, “TURN THE FUCK AROUND!” I think I disturbed my neighbors. I know I don’t care.

258. But.

259. And there is a but.

260. You guys, that shit just tore me up. This episode made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me FEEL.

261. And that is, ultimately, what this is about.

262. It’s what Show is about.

263. That people walk through life, and they try not to feel. They hold onto anything so they don’t feel pain, or hurt, or sadness, and you’ve got to feel that stuff. You’ve got to feel the lows, because they make the highs all the better.

264. So, that’s not the way I wanted things to go.

265. But I will be DAMNED if it wasn’t FUCKING SPECTACULAR.

266. Tell me you’re not so pumped about next season that you can hardly deal with yourself?

267. As an aficionado and purveyor of squee (and not fiesta wear), might I tell you what’s on deck? Booth and Brennan will meet at that spot. They’ll meet there, and you guys, that’s the first step to it. Because a year apart, and God knows what’s happened, but they’ll still go back to one another. Guaranteed. They’ll have had a year apart. Brennan will have had a year to look at her life, and I promise you, she will want Booth more than ever. You guys. YOU GUYS. They just…look, we know they’ll get together in the end. NO WAY they’ll end the show without that happening. This is all the most outstanding, gutwrenching, heartcrushing, WONDERFUL, exciting stuff leading up to it. We should savor this. I’m serious. I’m going to watch this episode a million times, because MY GOD. How much did they pack in here? A million, billion things, about love, and loss, and finding yourself, and I swear to you, SWEAR TO YOU, that’s what good art is. It doesn’t always make you happy.

268. But it makes you feel.

269. It makes you hold still.

270. And eventually, they will, too.

ETA: The song at the end is "Kandi" by One EskimO. Thanks,twinsparadox ! 
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I thought they were going in a different direction, too, but I have long since realized that TV is of The Things I Cannot Change, so if I choose to participate, I will Find Joy (unless and until Joss Whedon crushes my soul, but how fucking good was Glee, OMG).

I see the view on the end - I'm just hoping when we come back, it's not a massive reset. It thought the 100th Episode and those that followed were perfect, because everything was out there, and they were talking about it. But, without any spoilers, really, I get the impression that they're not going to backtrack. I will say, this one left me wanting more, and that proves that they've done their jobs. I want this shit, immediately, so that I know what happens. But I'm not gonna get it.

And I'm SO stoked about the fic.
Reading this honestly made me feel 10,000,000,000 times better about this episode. I felt so deflated right after it aired, but I also knew there was massive potential hiding in there and you brought it all forth so perfectly.

Thanks for taking the time to write this all up, it's a weirdly useful tool for those of us who aren't as able to work through everything. If that even makes sense... haha
This is not the first, nor the longest. Please, feel free to check out the others! I've had a good time writing them this year!
I still cannot do anything but look around in shock and flail my hands around, but seriously, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR RECAPS.

You're like in my brain, saying everything I'm thinking, and being awesome, and keeping Angela's stool watch, and talking about Booth's clothes, and I just... I am too full of love for show and EVERYONE IN THIS BAR to make any sense right now.

This summer is going to kill me.
I personally loved this episode. My first coherent thought was exactly this: "Yes. YES. THIS IS HOW FINALES SHOULD BE DONE." (As witnessed by my Twitter.)

And then I saw the hate and I was confused?

It was not the best episode of the season, but it made me feel things, and so it is a winner in my book. And how much do I love Brennan's friendship with Angela and Cam? This much:


*drawing not to scale

Things that are true:

1. Booth and Brennan *know things* now.
2. There is no number that adequately describes how many times better this season was than the last.

ETA: That line looked extremely small even though I covered the whole textbox. So I fixed it.
ETA2: I have OCD. I'm sorry.

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And you better be in on the production of such fic, which I ask (BEG) you to post at BGA. A LOT.

Love the drawing not to scale. We do not have lines which fit it.

I thought people would be pissed. Because people are sometimes pissed. But I loved it. MAN. And this summer? Is going to be out of control. The fic will be outrageous.

And you will write a healthy portion of it. MAKE A PROMISE.
I had a similar reaction in that this episode was not what I thought it was going to be. The second time I watched it, and just enjoyed what it was, I loved it a lot more.

I loved the Brennan/Angela scene where Brennan basically admitted she is scared of being in love with Booth. And I totally buy that she needs to get away for a while. An awful lot has changed since Episode 100 and she is terrified. I think that the time away is perfect for her.

To be honest, as much as I would have liked them to kiss at the airport and for them both to stay, this is an amazing opportunity for Brennan and part of me is glad she isn't giving that up.

I wish Booth's reasons for going back to the Army had been explored a little more but I can deal.

Looking forward to next season! Everything happens eventually.

To be honest, as much as I would have liked them to kiss at the airport and for them both to stay, this is an amazing opportunity for Brennan and part of me is glad she isn't giving that up.

YES. A million times. YES.

I could not agree more with...well, everything you said. Perfect.
Oh O'Brien, I stayed up to read this because I knew you would bring the required perspective to make me feel better about all of this.

I have to say the ending left me flat. It was not that there was no declaration of love, etc., but they don't even hug goodbye? She may never see him again! It seemed a little... lacking.

But I have some persepctive now, thanks to you, and am choosing to walk in the sunshine and believe that all things will happen eventually.

I am wondering if I should leave the dark side and become spoiler free. I am thinking some of my disappoitment may have come from knowing too much. Thoughts?
You know, I think, as evidence through this recap, that spoilers really didn't make a difference on this one, because we didn't know the end. I say every year I'll go spoiler free. As we know, I suck at that. I support your choice, either way.

I understand the reaction to the end. I had to sit there, and stare at the tv for a minute, and think about it. And you know what? I'm but a passenger on this train. And I like this train. And this train has stopped good places before, and I think it will stop some better places, too. I'm AMPED UP for S6. And the fic. GOD. The fic.
As always, an excellent read. I do not yet know how I feel about the episode (I SO THOUGHT THEY WERE GOING TO STAY AND I HATE BEING WRONG and like, if one of them comes back with a significant other, I will have a hissy fit) but your mini-fics make me love everything in life.

And like, can we talk for a second about how Booth should ALWAYS wear some sort of uniform? He turned the corner and I was like, I know I should care more about what is about to happen (and I DO) but holy hell, DB. It's not fair you look like that, like, without trying.

I mean, I sat there, and tried to process the last scene...and all I can think about is how broad his shoulders are? That's all I could think about.

And I was wrong, too. As evidenced in the above. AND I DON'T EVEN CARE. Damn. This just killed me, in the best and most wonderful way.
I LOVE your recaps!!!! Thanks for another whopper with a ficlet thrown in to boot! YAY!! And your comments helped me shift my focus to the optimism oozing out of the this episode...and also reminded me to enjoy the angst!!!! Even if its dreadful in the moment, it makes the sweet moments soooo much sweeter.

I was spoiler free for the finale, and it was SOOOOO worth it. That ender hurt so GOOD!
I'm so ready for S6. I just sat there and yelled at the TV, "NOOOOO!" Not because of the way it ended, but because it ENDED.

Glad you like the optimism! We've got goodness ahead!
O'Brien. Thank you.

I've been chatting with Margaret all night and really? I think I need to send you a transcript of our chattings but the general gist of things are as follows:

1. It took a moment, after watching, for everything to really settle in-- to realize that what we actually saw happened and it wasn't just some sort of hallucination or something.

2. The airport moment was pretty much begging for a kiss. But we all know that if that happened, he wouldn't have left, she wouldn't have gotten on that plane and the growth that needs to happen would haven't happen.

2a. The hand holding = hand sex. And the look backs were total there's nothing more than I want in the world than to kiss you right now.

3. Brennan's: "Please Don't Be You." (I'm paraphrasing, I think) translates into "I need you to come back to me. Alive."

4. There's like a million other things, but those are the things that came off the top of my head.

5. You guys need to fic this to death. And yes, you are totally included within that you. :)

Edited at 2010-05-21 05:27 am (UTC)
Re: Hand Sex = Thank you, Shakespeare. There's holy palmers' kiss, but saints have lips, and holy palmers, too. It's what jumped to my mind immediately, and I think it applies.

Re: Don't Be You - EXACTLY. How hard do you think Brennan's still going to freak out, with Booth far away, and not where she can save him if he needs saving? I can't deal with it.

As Booth would say, "There's a world of possibilities."
I loved this LiveCap! I was laughing and giving you a 'oh if you only knew' face the whole way through...but mostly laughing! The mini-fics throughout were amazing.

I loved the episode! I want them to get together, I don't agree that t would be jumping the shark, but I like that HH & Co. don't give us what we want in the clean cut, straight forward way that we want it.

After reading comments, tweets and blogs about this ep and everyone's reaction (mostly horrible) to it, I will be posting a rambling-psycho speech/recapish about this ep and show! And I loved reading yours! I always do!

Thank you for taking on the feat of LiveCap! ^_^
Thanks for reading this jumbled mess! Look, people are going to be pissed, but they miss the point - this is for fun. So be fun about it. I agree that getting them together wouldn't kill the show, but's not my show. I have, to this point, been THOROUGHLY entertained by HH and his minions, so I trust them.

It's after midnight, and that is okay. You know why? Because I took tomorrow off of work months ago. I know. *pats self on back* I'm so smart.

This episode...holy cow. I don't know if it was my optimism screaming at me or what, but I totally didn't think that ending was going to happen. I was fully convinced that Brennan was going to have "that moment" and run back to Booth for a kiss.

I was dead wrong. Not even a hug. That hurts, HH. But I still love you, you sneaky Canadian. I'm sure you're being beaten to a pulp right now by other fans...but not this one!

I was a little "Ummmm....?" at the end, but the only thing I'm sad about is the fact that my OTP is separated for a freakin' YEAR. Holy shit that's a looong time!

You know what else is a long time? The 4 months we have to endure until the premier. :(

Love the recap, O'Brien! Especially:
This feels like a promise, a vow. That in one year, they will be ready.
BRB. Sewing this onto a pillow.
You just wrote 4 months. And the fact that we've got all that time sunk in.

Please, let me borrow your pillow, and lay my head upon it, because I'm going to have to wait too long for this, and I need something to cuddle.

Look, this shit was out of control. I've watched the final scene...about 400 times, now, and I'm telling you, I LOVE IT.

I was shocked by this, but I like it. I'm down with the program. Very excited about S6!
What Nigella said, abt u helping us to work thru things. I was sad cuz they so obviously did NOT want to leave each other.. I love the way Bren was looking for Booth and being all slow abt moving toward the gate cuz he hadn't shown up yet. And I LOVE that Booth left without official leave so to do cuz hell, BONES is leaving & he HAS to tell her g'bye so to hell with u Army Regulations & I will take whatever punishment u deem necessary cuz u will NOT keep me from the Love of my Life. I know she expects to see me & I couldn't let her leave me for a year without one last look. Yes, Show is messing with my heart.

Thx again OB...u ROCK!
You are amazing and I want to give you an over-the-internet hug because your words filter through all of the bullshit on Twitter and at Bones_206 and at Ausiello's site. Show is a master piece because it does not give us what we WANT but what we NEED; not just as fans but as humans. Show is not perfect, it shows us the flaws in people and in life but it also shows us that once in a while the pieces magically fall into place and great things happen.

I know I ranted a little bit but after this episode, I feel like I'm going through the stages of grief and right now I'm on acceptance so I'm saying, "I'm a human being, and a fan of this show, and I have given the best and worst of myself to this show, these characters and Hart Hanson and what Hart decides to do with that is his responsibility. What ever happens next is out of my hands and will either be absolutely awesome or terrible."

Again, I must say thank you and to let you know that together as a fandom we will get through this hiatus with fic, old episodes and copious amounts of ice cream.
YAY! Look, Show? Is not my creation, or the fans' creation. It's someone else's work, which we are lucky enough to have the chance to enjoy. Your attitude is SO the perfect one. I'm glad you liked my recap, and thanks for the kudos!
I am severely disappointed. The whole episode felt incoherent, the plot lines didn't connect in any meaningful way that I could see. How did the hoarder theme figure into the Booth & Brennan drama? I don't know. Sweets and Daisy separating: OK for me as I never really invested much into them anyway, still, it did seem kind of abrupt. That "Laurel & Hardy" routine of Hodgins and Sweets was... just superfluous, a waste of time. This was supposed to be the big finale, on the same level as the 100th ep in regard to emotional impact. Well, I can tell you, I cried my eyes out at the end of the 100th but this time I was totally baffled, flabbergasted. I couldn't believe how anticlimactic it was. All this big buildup for very little. It just didn't work, I didn't feel it. Earlier in the ep, a few times Brennan started to get to me but the end, nah. And we know they'll just be back together anyway next season, they won't keep them separate. So maybe we won't even get any pining either. I'm sorry, I love this show but this season finale was weak, esp. in light of so many fantastic recent episodes. And then I'm not even getting into how unrealistic it is to go do fieldwork like that in Indonesia for a whole year. That's way too long. Excavations do not normally go year round even if there were enough to do. And Booth just leaving his son behind... It wasn't romantic to me, it was just weird. I never thought that House M.D. would finally redeem its mediocre 6th season with the last scene of the finale so much while the Bones season finale would disappoint me so much.
Clearly, you can tell, based on my recap, that I disagree. I was left wanting more, and it was a killer...but there you go. I certainly went into it with ideas of how I thought it would be, but when they didn't do what I thought, I was surprised, amazed, then pretty stoked, because it's so wide open. I know they'll have them back together, but what's the fallout going to be? I like that Show is unpredictable.

Re: the fieldwork - I get your complaint. I do. There were parts of last week's episode that killed me because they were SO horribly unrealistic, law-wise, but I had to put that aside. I previously had similar thoughts on Booth RE: Parker, but I see Booth's thought process as this: He looked at the picture of he and Teddy Parker, and he thought, that was someone's son, that was someone I named my son for, and I have the chance to save that life. You know? I think that's where he went with it.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts, and we've got the whole summer to mull it over!
Great recap!

I think I liked the episode more than a lot of people. There were a few things that I wanted to happen (ie. Kiss) that didn't happen, but I guess there is nothing I can do now.

I loved their hand holding, and them setting up a meet time and place for when they come back!

Also, this quote gives me much hope: "If you love something set it free if it comes back to you its yours, if it doesn't, it was never meant to be!"

I really think that they need some time apart, and some time to think (most of the thinking should be done by Brennan of course) and when they come back, hopefully things won't be the same.

And also, who said that they were skipping a year? For all we know season six starts with one of them running after the other, and not going on their trip. That would totally sock us, wouldn't it? Yeah, I know I'm just asking too much, but hey, it's a thought!

I loved the end. Now that I've watched it a million times, I LOVE IT. Why? The heartcrush. It's just a KILLER, and the fact that a TV show can make me feel something so intense is just so cool. If people want to be pissed, well, let them. Too bad they can't have more fun with this.

Love the icon!